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Hello, my name is Erin

I am the founder and owner of Daisy Skin.


I am passionate about helping people of all ages and skin types to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.


As an accredited Skin Therapist & Cosmetic Tattooist, my mission is to provide clarity and effective solutions for various skin concerns and enhancements.

Whether you’re looking for personalised skincare advice, cosmetic tattooing services, or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, I am here to guide you on your journey to radiant and healthy skin.

You can read my personal skin journey below.


Daisy Skin's private home-based studio is conveniently located in Ferndale, Perth.   

Daisy Skin's premises are clean, spacious and council approved.

Parking is free.

By appointment only.

Introducing Daisy Skin's Perth Studio

Why the name 'Daisy Skin'?

Daisy Skin is lovingly named after Erin's late grandmother Daisy.
Born in 1917, wife, mother to four boys, served in World War Two.
Daisy was open minded, witty, positive, loving, supportive and resilient.

It is Daisy's legacy that breathes new life into Erin's mission.

My Skin Story

"As a young girl I loved watching my Mum and Grandma get ready in the mornings. It was a routine they both took great pride in and I watched with wonder at all the different textures and colours that came to life. So it wasn't a surprise that I was often seen experimenting with their lotions and potions!


By age four I suffered from severe eczema. One of my earliest memories was being bathed in aromatic lotions and bandaged from head-to-toe to prevent my skin from bleeding any further. I remember Mum being desperate for a solution. 

Throughout childhood it was only natural that I tripped and fell a few times. I thought that when I fell off my bike onto bitumen - causing accidental scarring - that I would be stuck with a large scar for life. 

As a teenager I suffered from acne and dermatitis. This followed me into adulthood which propelled me into the wonderful world of natural skincare to prevent unnecessary exposure to the various chemicals & preservatives that can further irritate inflamed skin. 

As a young woman I suffered from hyperpigmentation & acne scarring. I thought I was doing everything right but it kept getting worse! I felt powerless. I spent thousands of dollars trying to lighten it - yet it wouldn't shift and would come back darker than before.

I became embarrassed about my uneven skin tones & textures. Sadly I thought the only way forward was to cover it up with concealer & foundation.

As I grew older I became more self-conscious about my asymmetrical lips with blurred lip borders. Invasive corrective surgery was out of the question.

Throughout adulthood I have been scratched by dogs, cats & chickens causing more accidental scarring. I have also undergone various operations that have left surgical scarring.

The good news is that the suffering is over! With the right knowledge, skill & equipment I have successfully restored my skin from acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones & textures. 

My fascination with Cosmetic Tattoo began in 2004 with my first lip tattoo to correct the asymmetry lips and blurred lip borders. Thereafter I've had my brows & eyes enhanced with semi-permanent makeup because it simply gives me freedom!

I feel free not having to spend time on them every day. I feel free from not having to buy cosmetic products regularly. And my self-conscious nature is freed up knowing that my brows, eyeliner and lips won't smudge off throughout the day.


I share with you my Skin Story as I totally understand that skin and appearance is a very personal matter. From a place of low self-esteem I found that skin restoration and enhancement worked for me in conjunction with striving for a mental / emotional / physical / spiritual balance.


My passion is Skin. I live & breathe it to help others." 

Contact Erin

You can reach out to me. I look forward to helping you.

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