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Hello & Welcome

Daisy Skin is an owner-operated salon based in Perth Australia specialising in Semi-Permanent Makeup (Cosmetic Tattoo) and Skin Therapy treatments.

Daisy Skin helps women, men and teenagers every day by restoring and enhancing their skin via consultation and a range of custom treatments.


Your skin is personal to you. When we say ENJOY YOUR SKIN we really mean it!
It is our heart-felt priority that you feel comfortable, safe and confident in your skin.

The experiences that we offer are private, one-on-one and designed to support and empower you.

In 2023 Daisy Skin expanded into regional Western Australia to offer the City of Greater Geraldton our specialised treatments. 

Restore Skin from

If you suffer from acne you are not alone.

Daisy Skin helps restore skin texture from the following types of acne scarring:

  • Ice-pick scarring

  • Boxcar scarring

  • Rolling scarring

  • Atrophic / Hypotrophic scarring

+ Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation (PIHP)

Rolling acne scarring treatment at Daisy Skin
Treatments for acne scarring at Daisy Skin
Successfully treating signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines) at Daisy Skin

Restore Skin from

Clients often say "I look older than I feel!"


Daisy Skin can help treat the following aging concerns:

  • Fine lines / wrinkles

  • Uneven skin tones

  • Uneven skin textures

  • Enlarged pores

Restore & Enhance:

Skin irregularities can creep up on the best of us!


Daisy Skin can help product absorption and have you ‘photo ready’ whilst combatting the following signs & symptoms:

  • Dry skin

  • Dull or darker appearance

  • Uneven skin textures

  • Large pores

  • Clogged pores

  • Blind acne (papules)

  • Unwanted facial hair (vellus / peach fuzz)

Treating dull congested skin with Dermaplaning at Daisy Skin
Treating sun damaged and pigmented skin at Daisy Skin


There is freedom & confidence in not feeling the need to cover up skin with concealer & foundation. 

Daisy Skin help clients restore natural skin tones from:

  • Sun damage: Freckles  /  age spots  /   Hyperpigmentation (irregular darkening)

  • Melasma / Chloasma (hormonal darkening)

  • Broken capillaries / Rosacea

Restore from

Men, Women & Teenagers often feel embarassed to show their face in public when they have active acne. 

Daisy Skin's mission for acne sufferers is to help them gain SKIN CLARITY around simple, customised & affordable skin-health plans so they can enjoy being in their skin again!


With the exception of hormonal, Environmental and Diet-related acne, Daisy Skin can help restore skin from:

  • Whitehead acne (closed comedones)

  • Blackhead acne (open comedones)

  • Papules (red bumps, no pus, bacterial)

  • Pustules (red bumps, pus, inflamed, bacterial)

  • Nodules (flesh/red bumps, deep, bacterial)

Solution to active acne in t-zone at Daisy Skin
Healing scars from accidents or surgeries at Daisy Skin

Restore from

The emotional trauma of accidents & surgeries can sometimes leave prominent scars. These scars don't have to be a permanent reminder.

Daisy Skin help reduce the appearance of scars that heal from the inside-out.

& Enhance FULL LIP

Aging lips often look "washed out" with faded lip borders, freckles, scars and loss of colour.

Enjoy the benefits of Full Lip Blush semi-permanent makeup with:

  • Redefined lip borders

  • Fresh colour suited to your complexion

  • Save time applying lip-liner & lipstick

  • Save money on cosmetics

  • Stop eating lipstick

  • Gain confidence knowing it will not wear off during work, exercise, eating/drinking & kissing!

asymmetrical lips before after lip blush by Daisy Skin
Eyeliner cosmetic tattoo is a great solution for smudge proof eyeliner


Eyeliner defines & enhances eyes but it requires time, a steady hand and a quality waterproof eyeliner.

Daisy Skin helps women save time & money whilst boosting confidence with semi-permanent eyeliner that doesn't wash or smudge during work or exercise!

Restore & Enhance

Brows help frame the face and have become a focus point in the beauty & medical fields.


Daisy Skin's semi-permanent brows can provide a solution for: 

  • Missing eyebrow hairs

  • Busy schedule / not enough time in mornings

  • Unsteady hand / uneven drawn-on brows 

  • Eyebrow pencil that smudges 
  • Quicker & easier brow maintenance 
brows cosmetic tattoos can cover up any missing hairs as a result of over-plucking
Fix old microblading at Daisy Skin

Restore & Enhance

Microblading and Feather-stroke are popular cosmetic tattoos that fade with blurred hair-strokes and commonly leave scars. 


Rather than undergo timely and costly laser/saline tattoo removal, Daisy Skin can neutralise residual red/green undertones to restore and enhance with a Powder Brow.

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