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Your Personalised Skin Experience.

Daisy Skin, an owner-operated salon based in Perth, Australia, specialises in Permanent Makeup and Skin Therapy treatments.

At Daisy Skin, we assist women, men, and teenagers by restoring and enhancing their skin. Through personalised consultations and a range of custom treatments, we prioritise your comfort and confidence.

Why Choose Daisy Skin?

  • Personalised Approach: Your skin is unique, and we treat it as such. Our mantra is simple: “ENJOY YOUR SKIN.” We genuinely mean it!

  • Private Experiences: Our one-on-one appointments are designed to support and empower you. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the city limits.

In 2023, Daisy Skin expanded into regional Western Australia, bringing our specialised treatments to the residents of the City of Greater Geraldton.

Whether you’re in the heart of Perth or the serene Midwest, we’re here for you.


Defined brows help frame the face by enhancing natural beauty! 


Daisy Skin's cosmetically tattooed brows provide solutions for: ​

  • ​​Missing eyebrow hairs

  • Busy schedule / not enough time in mornings

  • Unsteady hand / uneven drawn-on brows 

  • Eyebrow pencil that smudges 
  • Quicker & easier brow maintenance 
Brow Cosmetic Tattoo
Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo


Eyeliner helps define and enhance the eyes!

Everyday eyeliner requires time, a steady hand and a quality waterproof eyeliner. Daisy Skin's cosmetically tattooed eyeliner provides solutions for:

  • Busy schedule / time-poor 

  • Unsteady hand 

  • Poor vision / uneven eyeliner application

  • Smudging / sweating / crying


Aging lips often appear “washed out,” with faded lip borders, wrinkles, scars and colour loss. 

Daisy Skin's cosmetically tattooed lips restore the original lip border and enhance the full lip, so that clients enjoy these benefits: 

  • ​Fuller, more defined lips

  • Fresh colour suited to your complexion

  • Save time applying lip-liner and lipstick

  • Stop eating lipstick or transferring it onto glassware

  • Waterproof and sweat-proof when working, exercising, eating, drinking and kissing!

Lip Cosmetic Tattoo Before and After
Brow Tattoo Removal


Microblading and Feathering are popular brow cosmetic tattoo styles that often cause scar tissue, and commonly heal with blurred hairstrokes with cool (blue/green/ashy) undertones. ​​​​There are two reasons for this:

 1) Type of ink

 2) Ink was deposited too deeply

Tattoo Removal is reserved for clients who aren't ideal candidates yet for Coverup work due to moderate-to-high saturation of ink in the skin. 

Daisy Skin's non-laser tattoo removal effectively lifts unwanted tattoo ink from the skin. Unlike laser, it removes ALL ink colours and is suitable for:​​

  • Brows

  • Eyeliner

  • Lips

  • Small body tattoos


It is important to choose the right cosmetic tattoo artist for you as there are many contributing factors involved to achieve a flattering cosmetic tattoo.​​

Daisy Skin's restorative brow tattoos are suitable for previously tattooed brows that have LOW levels of ink saturation with yellow/pink/green/blue undertones.

Rather than undergo Tattoo Removal, we can carefully colour-correct the underlying tones and create a suitable styled brow. 

Brow Cosmetic Tattoo Coverup
Reverse sun damaged skin with skincare and facials


Our clients feel confident when they don't feel the need to cover up their skin with concealer, foundation and powder! 

Via personalised consultation, Daisy Skin helps create a customised plan for you to achieve your goals. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, options may include affordable skincare products, a skin plan, facials and/or treatment. 

Daisy Skin can help restore your skin tone from:

  • Hyper-Pigmentation: ​Sun damage / Freckles  /  age spots  

  • Post-Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation 

  • Melasma / Chloasma 


Once cystic acne clears up it often leaves behind scarring. 

Daisy Skin can help restore skin texture from the following types of acne scarring:

  • Ice-pick scarring

  • Boxcar scarring

  • Rolling scarring

  • Atrophic / Hypotrophic scarring

Acne scarring
Improve signs of aging with various treatments available at Daisy Skin


Clients often say "I look older than I feel!"

Daisy Skin specialise in skin treatments that offer natural and flattering results. Our treatment options use your OWN body to reproduce collagen & elastin!


Suitable for clients wanting a less invasive and cost-effective option than injectibles (botox, filler, PRP, threads etc).

Daisy Skin can help treat the following aging concerns:

  • Fine lines / wrinkles: crows feet, frown lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smokers lines

  • Uneven skin tones: sun damage, age spots

  • Uneven skin textures: Pitting, scarring, large pores, lumps/legions

  • Brows, Eyes and Lip definition


Skin irregularities often go unnoticed until we compare old photos or examine our skin closely in a magnifying mirror.

A customised approach to addressing skin concerns is crucial for each individual’s skin.


Daisy Skin can help treat the following signs of textural irregularities:

  • Dry / oily / combination skin

  • Pitting / Scarring

  • Large pores / Clogged pores

  • Acne & Milia

  • Unwanted facial hair (vellus / peach fuzz)

  • Keratosis Pilaris & Epidermoid Cysts

  • Skintags / Moles 

Skin improvements from Dermaplane Deluxe facial
Scar from accident


Skin trauma caused by accidents & surgeries can sometimes leave prominent scars. 

We offer two different scar reduction modalities, so please contact us or book in for a consultation so the most effective treatment plan is offered.

Daisy Skin can help reduce the following types of scarring:

  • Face

  • Body

  • Accidental

  • Trauma

  • Surgical


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