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Daisy Skin’s Advanced Skin Therapy is a technical and intuitive treatment designed to work with the bodies natural healing process to achieve smooth, consistent and firmer skin from the inside-out.

Daisy Skin’s Advanced Skin Therapy treats the following skin concerns:

After Acne

Daisy Skin treats acne scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Scarring: Ice-pick, Boxcar, Rolling, Atrophic, Hypotrophic

  • Post-Inflammatory HyperPigmentation (PIHP)

Aging / Tones / Textures

Daisy Skin treats aging skin with uneven tones and textures
  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Uneven skin tones & textures

  • Rosacea / broken capillaries

  • Enlarged pores

  • Blind acne (papules)

  • Age spots

Sun Damage

Daisy Skin treats hyperpigmentation, freckles, melasma
  • HyperPigmentation

  • Freckles

  • Melasma / Chloasma


Daisy Skin treats facial and body scars
  • Accidental / Trauma

  • Surgical

  • Acne

   Face or Body

How does Advanced Skin Therapy work?

How does Daisy Skin's Advanced Skin Therapy work?

Daisy Skin use advanced digital equipment with medical grade technology to safely create micro channels into the dermis layer of the skin.

As a response to the micro channels, the body naturally releases Growth Factors which are responsible for generating new healthy skin cells and repairing a complex network of Collagen & Elastin.

Together with clinical formulations, this process essentially heals the skin from inside out.

Each clients skin is different, therefore your therapist will be guided by your bodies natural healing response throughout the treatment.

This treatment is also commonly referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy, Micro-Needling and Advanced Skin Needling.

How many sessions of Advanced Skin Therapy will I need?

With most Advanced Skin Therapy treatments we recommend that a minimum of three treatments (dependant on the severity of the skin concern). 

For example, a minor scar on a young client may only need 1-2 treatments, whereas deep acne scarring may require 3-5 sessions. 

Your skin therapist can estimate the number of treatments required to achieve your desired outcome at your complimentary consultation.

How many treatments of microneedling will I need?

How often do I have Advanced Skin Therapy?

The frequency of treatments is dependant on your age, the condition of your skin and the skin concern being treated.

The reason for this is that our skin-cell regeneration process slows down as we age, together with the ability to naturally produce collagen & elastin.

Advanced Skin Therapy is designed to stimulate the Fibroblasts within the Dermis skin layer to regenerate a healthy network of Collagen & Elastin.

Your skin therapist will advise on the frequency of treatments at your complimentary consultation.

Here are some case studies for example:

Is there downtime?
Can I return to work/school afterwards?

Is there downtime after skin needling? Daisy Skin answers.

Depending on the skin concern being treatment, your skin will have a different inflammatory response immediately following the appointment. It may look and feel like a sunburn and can last up to 24 hours.

It is important that you do NOT try to cool down the skin. The warmth you feel is the skin’s natural inflammatory response and critical to the body producing a variety of Growth Factors that help create collagen & elastin.

Although your skin may have a pinkish/red hue immediately following treatment it should not restrict you from returning to light duties. An afternoon or weekend appointment is recommended if you are concerned about returning to normal activities.

Does Advanced Skin Therapy hurt?

Does microneedling hurt? Daisy Skin answers.

Depending on the skin concern being treated there may be low to moderate discomfort, however the treatment is not designed to hurt or be painful.

It is our Skin Therapists priority to ensure you are  comfortable throughout the treatment and to offer you a rewarding outcome.

Is Advanced Skin Therapy safe?

Advanced Skin Therapy is a safe, non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that is performed only by accredited Skin Therapists with advanced training and Infection Control certification.

Strict hygiene is adhered to for all treatments at Daisy Skin, together with proper use & disposal of single-use EO gas sterilised needle cartridges.

Is skin needling safe? Daisy Skin answers.

Can I use numbing creams?

Numbing creams (or Topical Anaesthetics) are generally not recommended before or throughout Advanced Skin Therapy. However, a numbing agent is an available for treatments on sensitive areas and for clients who have a low pain tolerance.

The reason for this is that Topical Anaesthetics contain Lidocaine and/or Epinephrine which are proven to constrict blood vessels. It is important for the therapist to be able to gauge the depth of treatment based on the skins natural inflammatory response involving the network of blood vessels.

Can I use numbing creams for advaned skin needling? Daisy Skin answers.

Advanced Skin Therapy Pricing

One (or multiple) skin concerns can be treated at the same time for: 

  • Pigmentation

  • Large Pores

  • Uneven skin tones and textures

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Rosacea / Broken Capillaries

  • Facial scarring (acne / surgery / accident)

FULL FACE   -   60mins  --  $240

DECOLETAGE   -   60mins  --  $240

FACE/NECK   -   75mins  --  $265    ON SPECIAL FOR $240

FACE/NECK/DECOLETAGE   -   90mins  --  $290    ON SPECIAL FOR $270

(Add on) HANDS   -   15mins  --  $25

ROSACEA CHEEK & CHIN -   60mins  --  $240    ON SPECIAL FOR $190


Results after 1 treatment of Daisy Skin's Advanced Skin Therapy

All prices include Mesotherapy/Infusions to help repair/build collagen and accelerate the treatment of skin concerns.

**Please note: It is essential that you book in for a 30min complimentary consultation prior to an Advanced Skin Therapy treatment. This ensures a customised pre-care guide, therefore optimal results! 


Total area 10cm in length  --  60mins  --  $190


ON SPECIAL Save $190 by getting the second and third treatment at HALF PRICE! 


Total area <1 palm  --  75mins  --  $215

Total area <2 palms  --  105mins  --  $265

ON SPECIAL Save up to $265 by getting the second and third treatment at HALF PRICE! 

Larger treatment areas to be priced at consultation.


Am I a good candidate?

scar treatment perth.JPG

Keloid Scarring   ---   Not suitable if you have a history of raised scarring

Diabetes   --- Must be under control by diet or medication

Cancer   ---   Not recommend whilst undergoing treatment, seek your Doctors approval

Blood thinning medication   ---   Seek your Doctors approval

Irritated or inflamed skin   ---   Reschedule appointment

Cold Sores   ---   Reschedule appointment if Active cold sores. If you have a history of cold sores consult with your local Pharmacy for a preventative anti-viral treatment.

Pigmentation - Clients who experience Post-Inflammatory HyperPigmentation and those who naturally have darker skin tones will need to incorporate a Tyrosinase Inhibitor (clinical formulation of topical Vitamin C) into their skincare routine 2 weeks leading up to treatment (and ongoingly) to prevent further hyperpigmentation.

Booking Policy

Bookings can be made online via Daisy Skin's online booking system.

A $100 cancellation fee applies (without exception) for the following reasons

  • The appointment is cancelled/ rescheduled within 48 hours

  • Do not show for the appointment

  • Arrive more than 15 minutes late 

  • Choose not to proceed with the treatment on the day

  • Do not follow Care Guidelines (see below) 

Your support of the Booking Policy is most appreciated.

How do I book in for scar reduction in Perth? Daisy Skin answers.


Advanced Skin Therapy Care


  • 2 days prior   ---   Stop using all forms of Vitamin A (including Retin A / Retinol / Retinoids / Tretinoin etc)

  • 24 hours prior   ---   Do not take anti-inflammatory medications 24 hours before treatment (thins the blood). Common names are: Aspirin, Disprin, Nurofen, Ibuprofen, Voltaren, Diclofenac etc.

  • 24 hours prior   ---   Do not consume alcohol (thins the blood)


  • Do not smoke/vape or take illicit substances the day of treatment

  • 6 hours before treatment   ---   Limit caffeine (tea / coffee / pre-workout shakes / energy drinks)

  • Be well hydrated (drink plenty of water)

  • Eat a light meal beforehand

  • Ensure you plan ahead to arrive on time and relaxed

  • Empty your bladder beforehand


  • Keep well hydrated

  • Do not wear makeup for the remainder of the day

  • We recommend the use of 100% PURE oils (Rosehip, Castor, Jojoba) to help keep the skin protected & hydrated during its repair stage. We strongly do not recommend the sole use of Hyaluronic Acid with added shelf preservatives in a low humidity climate such as Perth Australia!

  • No sun exposure (bring a hat to the appointment)

  • No strenuous exercise for the remainder of the day. Sweat can irritate the open pores and introduce bacteria to the treated area.

  • Do not take anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen while the skin is still warm or pink/red. Allow your skin to naturally go through its healing response. If there are any adverse reactions seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

  • We recommend you apply a broad-spectrum zinc-oxide based sunscreen the following day (and every day thereafter – cloudy, rainy and sunny!)

  • Wash all makeup brushes/sponges

  • Sleep on a fresh pillowslip

  • Resume normal skincare regime after 3-5 days. It’s important that any ‘active’ skincare ingredients are not used within this time.