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Frame your beautiful face with defined brows! 

Enjoy the waterproof and time-saving benefits

See the healed result from a powder brow tattoo by Daisy Skin

What is a 
Powder Brow tattoo?

See what a fresh brow tattoo looks like

A Powder Brow tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup application to the eyebrows adding long-term definition and colour.

Daisy Skin's brows are 100% customised to the individual taking into consideration the face shape and existing eyebrow hairs to maximise facial enhancement and minimise maintenance.

'Ombre' means the brow gradually fades at the bulb, creating a more natural look.

'Powder' refers to the softer powdered makeup look, as if the brows were pencilled in.

A Powder Brow tattoo saves time getting ready, saves money on cosmetics and can boost confidence.

The result is sweat-proof and smudge-proof brows 24/7, whether you're running, swimming, working, busy running after children or on the dance floor - the brow definition is the same day or night! 

Ombre Powder Brow is also commonly referred to as a Brow Cosmetic Tattoo, MicroShading and MicroPigmentation. Whilst they are largely popular with busy and active women for its many benefits, Daisy Skin will always welcome and support all ages, skin tones and genders. 

Please note that Daisy Skin's overall design has a classic/timeless feel to compliment and enhance the face. We are quite firm in not conforming with the latest trends (unnatural bushy brows for example) that can lead to regret and costly/timely tattoo removal procedures when they're no longer considered "in" or fashionable.

If you prefer the bushier brow style (much larger than your natural brow) you may like to choose another Cosmetic Tattooist who will gladly do this style for you.

#1   Benefit  -  Save  Time

Throw away the brow pencils and save time getting ready in the mornings or reapplying throughout the day!

Why get Powder Brow?

An Ombre Powder Brow can ENHANCE the appearance for those with: 

  • Busy schedule / not enough time in the mornings to pencil brows in

  • Unsteady hand / not confident with makeup

  • Uneven brows

  • Brow pencil smudges or wears off during the day

  • Easier and quicker brow maintenance 

  • Cheaper alternative to regular Brow Henna or Brow Laminations

An Ombre Powder Brow can also RESTORE the definition of eyebrows for:  

  • Over-plucked eyebrows (thanks to the 90's)

  • Eyebrow hairs missing due to medical reasons, aging or genetics

  • Scarring from piercings, injury, acne, surgical

elegant and classic brow tattoo by Daisy Skin

#2  Benefit  -  Save  Money

TIME equals MONEY for a lot of people. Save 60 hours a year and money spent on Henna treatments and brow products!

ombre powder brow tattoo is suitable for all ages and skin types

Who can get a Powder Brow tattoo?

An Ombre Powder Brow is suitable for all ages, skin types and genders. 

Unlike Microblading, which is not suitable for aging or oily skin, the Powder Brow is suitable for all skin types. It is also the 'Go To' treatment for when Microblading or Feather-strokes lose their crisp definition, blur over time and often cause scarring.

For further information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page (prior to your consultation).

#3  Benefit  -  Boost  Confidence

Be assured that Brow tattoo will never smudge - whether you’re working, exercising, running after the kids or ripping it up on the dance floor! 
You can also farewell those uneven drawn-on brows. 

Brow Pricing (Perth)

Fresh brows $420   /   6-12 week Topup $205 

Brow Refresh or Colour-Correct

(for brows that have been previously tattooed) 

Suitable for old Microblading, Feather-touch, Powder Brow and Block tattoo where pigment saturation is low to moderate.

Price varies. Must be sighted in person under studio lighting.

May require up to two Top-up appointments to achieve target colour if the brow has Red/Green undertones or if there's scar tissue present.

If Brows are too saturated or have Blue/Grey present we recommend a few sessions of Glycolic Tattoo Removal. 

AFTER-CARE: A complimentary After-Care package is supplied every appointment.

How to refresh old microblading tattoo
Brow tattoo refresh by Daisy Skin

A complimentary in-person or phone consult can be booked online via Daisy Skin's online booking system.

The consult is reserved for personalised questions. For this reason it is important that you read all information available on this webpage prior to the consult, especially the Frequently Asked Questions.

For Phone Consultations please prepare two (2) clear photos:

1) Full Face

2) Close-up of Brows (no makeup)

A $100 deposit is required to secure your tattoo appointment.


Please also familiarise yourself with our Booking Policy prior to booking in. 

Brow Bookings

Witness the transformation from Daisy Skin's cosmetic tattoos


  • What is the Lip Blush PROCESS?
    All Cosmetic Tattoo's are a 2-step process (minimum): The first appointment focuses on design & colour. The second appointment builds on the colour saturation and is an opportunity to make any small adjustments. Dark Lip Neutralisation's usually require a minimum of three (3) treatments up to twelve (12) weeks apart. ​ You will be asked to apply the First numbing cream yourself and arrive to your appointment with it still in place. Your comfort is a high priority throughout the treatment, therefore the use of two different numbing creams will assist. Some clients are super comfortable that they fall asleep! A complimentary After-Care pack will be supplied at your initial appointment so that you can take care of your new Lip Blush tattoo.
  • How do I MAKE A BOOKING for my Lip Blush tattoo at Daisy Skin?
    A 15-30 minute consultation is required for all new Lip Tattoo clients. Book your In-Person or Phone consult here. The consult is complimentary (free). Prior to any consult you will be required to read the information available on the Daisy Skin website as it contains important information and Frequently Asked Questions. The consult is reserved for personalised questions. For Phone consultations you will be required to email/message two (2) clear photos: Full face (no makeup on Lips) Close-up of Lips (no makeup) ***Be sure to clean your camera lense. Use the main camera of your phone (not the Selfie front camera). If you choose to proceed with Lip Blush, a $100 deposit will be taken to secure your appointment. You will receive information to order your numbing creams from a compounding pharmacy.
  • Is Lip Blush tattoo SAFE?
    Only Cosmetic Tattoo professionals with Lip Tattoo and Infection Control certification should perform Lip Blush as there are many factors to consider before and throughout the application. Daisy Skin only use the highest quality pigments suitable for cosmetic tattoo that are certified vegan and sterilised by gamma radiation. Strict hygiene is adhered to for all treatments at Daisy Skin, together with proper use and disposal of single-use EO gas sterilised needle cartridges.
  • Is there any DOWNTIME after getting Lip Blush?
    Immediately following the LIP BLUSH procedure, you will be encouraged to do an ice-compress to reduce future swelling. Whilst the lips may still be numb and feel very plump, it is safe to return to light duties for the remainder of the day. Be sure to familiarise yourself with Your Care Guide to optimise results!
  • How long does Lip Blush tattoo LAST?
    Generally a Lip Blush tattoo can stay vibrant for up to 18 months. It is recommended that your Cosmetic Tattoo be 'ColourBoosted' once every 12-18 months to keep it looking fresh. It is always great to remember that as everyones skin is unique therefore the longevity of any tattoo is dependent on your lifestyle, medications and how closely the Pre-Care and Post-Care guidelines are followed.
  • How does a Lip Blush cosmetic tattoo COMPARE TO BODY TATTOOS?
    This is a great question as many people dive into getting a cosmetic tattoo believing it is permanent like their body tattoos! This is not the case at all (unless your Cosmetic Tattooist has incorrectly used body ink). Semi-permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural facial features, so the specially formulated cosmetic pigments are designed to fade as you age. Allow us to explain further. With aging comes skin laxity (reduction in collagen & elastin), therefore an increase in wrinkles. Imagine having permanent ink on your face that no longer enhances your features, but makes you appear older or washed out? Your face is a canvas you look at every day. Remember it is a GREAT thing that cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent!
  • My lips are UNEVEN. Can Lip Blush correct my lip SYMMETRY?
    With our faces anatomically not symmetrical, lips can be uneven at birth or have been changed from an accident, stroke, surgery, treatment or viral infection. Generally, Lip Blush tattoo will not go outside the natural lip border because the lip and skin tissue will metabolise the pigment at different rates. This means that the lip and skin tissue will fade at different times, requiring more regular treatments. By special request Daisy Skin can tattoo outside of the natural lip border to correct asymmetry. Clients that have permanently lost lip pigment can RESTORE their lip pigmentation to achieve a "full lip" again. Please note that Lip Restoration Cosmetic Tattoos generally require 2-3 appointments 6-12 weeks apart (depending on skin tone).
  • I have very sensitive skin. Is a PATCH TEST available?
    Patch Tests are recommended for clients who have a history of skin inflammation or concerned about a possible inflammatory reaction to the permanent makeup procedure. The Patch Test is a comprehensive test using ALL instruments and agents used throughout the Permanent Makeup application (including but not limited to: nitrile gloves, drafting pencils, alcohol wipe, medical marker, topical numbing creams, sterile needle cartridge, pigment, wipes, aftercare etc). ​ The test itself is performed in a discrete area behind the ear. This location is sensitive and most similar to the skin on your face. If no allergic reaction is present after 7 days of the Patch Test an Initial Tattoo booking can be made. Discuss your skin sensitivity at your consult. Comprehensive Patch Tests are $75.
  • [MUST READ] Am I a GOOD CANDIDATE for Lip Blush Tattoo?
    You are NOT suitable if you are: Under 18 Pregnant or breastfeeding ​ You are NOT suitable if you have:​ Dry or cracked lips --- Ensure they are smooth & hydrated prior to treatment ​ You are NOT suitable if you had/have (or planning to have): Keloid or hypertrophic scarring Seizures / blackouts Thinned blood or history of heavy bleeding Fresh tan or sunburn on the treated area High blood pressure --- not under control Diabetes --- not under control High anxiety --- not under control Heart condition --- not under control Major dental work --- 2 weeks before/after Vaccinations --- 2 weeks before/after Skincare products containing acids (including Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, Citric, Mandelic etc) --- 1 week before/after Skincare products that accelerate skin cell turnover (includes Retinol, Retinoids, Retinal, Tretinoin, Bakuchiol etc) --- 2 weeks before/after Invasive cosmetic procedures (including Botox, Filler, Dissolver, PRP, Threads etc) --- 2 weeks before/after Semi-invasive cosmetic treatments (including chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, needling --- 4 weeks before/after Facial surgery --- 3 months before Accutane / Isotretinoin / Prescribed acne medication --- 12 months before ​ ​ You are NOT suitable if you had/have (or planning to have) the following, however you may proceed at your own risk with Doctors written permission: An auto-immune disease Moles / scars / lumps in the area being treated Antibiotics --- 1 month before/after Steroid injection --- 1 month before/after Oral steroid medication --- 6 weeks before Chemo/radiation --- 12 months before
  • [MUST READ] What is the PRE-CARE guide for Lip Tattoos?
    4 Weeks Prior: No cosmetic procedures/treatments around the mouth 2 Weeks Prior: Stop applying any skincare products to the lower face that accelerate skin cell turnover (includes Retinol, Retinoids, Retinal, Tretinoin, Bakuchiol etc) 1 Week Prior Stop applying any skincare products that contain acid exfoliants (including Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, Citric, Mandelic etc) For 5 Days leading up to appointment Exfoliate lips with a sugar scrub Keep moisturised Keep hydrated (drink water) 2 Days Prior No anti-inflammatory foods/supplements (including turmeric, fish oils, oily fish, flaxeed etc) No oral anti-inflammatories (including Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Aspirin, Disprin, Voltaren, Diclofenac etc) No topical anti-inflammatory creams/gels Limit overly salty foods ​ 24 Hours Prior No alcohol, opioids or marijuana ​ Day of Appointment Strictly no smoking/vaping Eat a meal containing fats beforehand (helps with pain tolerance) Arrive with a rested heart rate Empty your bladder beforehand Apply 1mm thick numbing cream to lips 45mins prior to appointment. Cover with 2 small pieces of plastic wrap. Arrive to appointment still in place Kindly, please consider your oral and body hygiene as our staff work very closely to you for a lengthy period of time. For a full list of contraindications, read the FAQ 'Am I A Good Candidate for Lip Tattoo'. If you have ever had Fever Blisters or Cold Sores you will need additional instructions on how to help prevent an outbreak. This information will be provided at your consultation.
  • [MUST READ] What is the AFTER-CARE guide for Lip Tattoos?
    Day of Treatment ✔️ Ice-compress (10 mins on / 10 mins off) until swelling subsides ✔️ Sleep on a fresh pillowslip For 7 Days (or until fully healed) ✔️ Apply Aftercare Balm several times a day ✔️ Stay hydrated (drink lots of water) ❌ No makeup / sunscreen / moisturiser on Lips ❌ No swimming / saunas / spas / long showers ❌ No sun exposure ❌ No pulling / picking / scratching ❌ No kissing ❌ No salty or spicy foods Until your lips are fully healed DO NOT touch them with unclean hands! This can introduce bacteria to the area which can lead to infection ☹ Complimentary Aftercare Balm is supplied at every appointment to help you care for your fresh lips. Itchy? Tingly? Stingy? A cold sore may be developing. Seek treatment ASAP from your local Chemist or Doctor. Do not delay in seeking appropriate treatment as a cold sore can pull the pigment out of the lip as it’s considered another fresh wound in the area.
  • How does Lip Blush HEAL?
    Everyone's healing will slightly differ, however there are typical signs of the lip healing process: Day 0-1 Bold vibrant colour, more plump than usual. Sensitive/tender to touch. Day 2-7 Lips feel dry initially, then they will flake/peel. Day 4-7 Lips healed. Colour may be 50-80% of original intensity, then "bloom" to their true/final colour 4-12 weeks later (depending on skin tone) Week 6/12 Return for the Topup appointment to build on the colour density and make any minor adjustments 💥Fascinating tip: Lip colours can change depending on time of day and your levels of hydration 😉
  • How long after having Lip Blush can I DONATE BLOOD?
    Australian Red Cross states that you have to wait seven (7) days to donate blood after having a cosmetic tattoo by a licensed tattoo professional in Australia. If the tattoo is done overseas or by an unlicensed tattooist, then the wait time is four (4) months. Full information can be read here: . Erin from Daisy Skin operates from council approved premises, is trained, insured and uses the highest quality equipment and pigments, therefore is considered a licensed cosmetic tattooist.


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