Frame your beautiful face with a defined brow!

Enjoy smudge proof and waterproof brows!

Water-proof smudge-proof brows at Daisy Skin

What is an Ombre Powder Brow?

What is an Ombre Powder Brow tattoo? Daisy Skin answers.

An Ombre Powder Brow is a semi-permanent makeup application to the eyebrows adding long-term definition and colour.

Daisy Skin's brows are 100% customised to the individual taking into consideration the face shape and existing eyebrow hairs to maximise facial enhancement and minimise maintenance.

'Ombre' means the brow gradually fades at the bulb, creating a more natural look.

'Powder' refers to the softer powdered makeup look, as if the brows were pencilled in.

Ombre Powder Brow saves time getting ready, saves money on cosmetics and can boost confidence.

The result is sweat-proof and smudge-proof brows 24/7, whether you're running, swimming, working, busy running after children or on the dance floor - the brow definition is the same day or night! 

Ombre Powder Brow is also commonly referred to as a Brow Cosmetic Tattoo, MicroShading and MicroPigmentation. Whilst they are largely popular with busy and active women for its many benefits, Daisy Skin will always welcome and support all ages, skin tones and genders. 

Please note that Daisy Skin's overall design has a classic/timeless feel to compliment and enhance the face. We are quite firm in not conforming with the latest trends (unnatural bushy brows for example) that can lead to regret and costly/timely tattoo removal procedures when they're no longer considered "in" or fashionable.

If you prefer the bushier brow style (much larger than your natural brow) you may like to choose another Cosmetic Tattooist who will gladly do this style for you.

Why get Powder Brow?

An Ombre Powder Brow can ENHANCE the appearance for those with: 

  • Busy schedule / not enough time in the mornings to pencil brows in

  • Unsteady hand / not confident with makeup

  • Uneven brows

  • Brow pencil smudges or wears off during the day

  • Easier and quicker brow maintenance 

  • Cheaper alternative to regular Brow Henna appointments

An Ombre Powder Brow can also RESTORE the definition of eyebrows for:  

  • Over-plucked eyebrows (thanks to the 90's)

  • Eyebrow hairs missing due to medical reasons, aging or genetics

  • Scarring from piercings, injury, acne, surgical

Why get a Powder Brow tattoo? Daisy Skin answers.

The Benefits of Ombre Powder Brow


Save Time

Save time and energy:

  • Getting ready in the mornings

  • Reapplying makeup throughout
    the day

  • Getting ready for an event


*Did you know?

If you spend just 10 minutes a day on applying makeup (lipliner, lipstick, eyeliner, brow pencil) that equates to 60 hours (or 2.5 days) every year!

Save Money

For a lot of busy and active people TIME equates to MONEY.

The time alone spent on applying brow pencil can save you money (at least 60 hours a year).

Then add on top the money spent on cosmetic products!

Boost Confidence

Enhance your confidence by knowing your brows won’t wear off throughout the day or night - whether you’re working, running, swimming, running after children or ripping it up on the dance floor.

You can also farewell those uneven drawn on brow days!

Who can get Ombre Powder Brow?

Who can get a Powder Brow tattoo? Daisy Skin answers.

An Ombre Powder Brow is suitable for all ages, skin types and genders. 

Unlike Microblading, which is not suitable for aging or oily skin, the Powder Brow is suitable for all skin types. It is also the 'Go To' treatment for when Microblading or Feather-strokes lose their crisp definition, blur over time and often cause scarring.

For further information, please read the Am I Good Candidate page and reach out to us prior to making a booking. 

Brow Pricing

Initial Ombre Powder Brow
3.5 hours   
---   $490

6 week Top-up

1.5 hours   ---   $150


ColourBoost  up to 12 months

1.5 hours   ---   $190

ColourBoost  up to 18 months

2 hours   ---   $290

How much does a Powder Brow Tattoo cost? Daisy Skin answers.

Brows by another Cosmetic Tattooist

Colour-Correct* / ColourBoost (old Microblading, Feather-stroke, Powder Brow, Block)

3 hours   ---    $450  

Your brows will need to be sighted in person prior to booking in for this appointment - 

book in for a free 30min consultation

*May require  1 or 2 Top-up appointments to achieve target colour if the brow has Red/Blue/Purple undertones

How do I get my microblading fixed? Daisy Skin answers.

A complimentary After-Care package is supplied at every appointment.

Your Comfort

The use of Numbing Creams (Topical Anaesthetics) 

Does getting a brow tattoo hurt? Daisy Skin answers.

Whilst most brow clients don't need numbing for the Brow Cosmetic Tattoo procedure it is an option available to you.


Two topical numbing creams can be used to maximise your comfort throughout your treatment.

The first contains Lidocaine and is applied prior to starting.

The second contains Epinephrine and is applied once the treatment has commenced to keep you free from any discomfort. 

For the numbing creams to be dispensed, it is Australian law that the client complete a pharmacy form.

All clients are given the choice of two compounding pharmacies:

  • $26 interstate with 7 day turnaround -or-

  • $65 local with 2 day turnaround

Numbing creams are not included in the cost of treatment as the client pays the pharmacy direct.

Booking Policy

How to book in for a Powder Brow tattoo in Perth

Bookings can be made online via Daisy Skin's online booking system.


A $100 cancellation fee applies (without exception) for the following reasons:

  • The appointment is cancelled/ rescheduled within 48 hours

  • Do not show for the appointment

  • Arrive more than 15 minutes late 

  • Choose not to proceed with the treatment on the day

  • Do not follow Your Care Guide 

Your support of the Booking Policy is most appreciated.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do BROW cosmetic tattoos compare to permanent body tattoos?


This is a great question as some people dive into getting a cosmetic tattoo believing it is permanent like their body tattoos! This is not the case at all (unless your Cosmetic Tattooist has incorrectly used body ink). 

Semi-permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural facial features, so the specially formulated cosmetic pigments are designed to fade as you age.

Allow us to explain further. With aging comes skin laxity (reduction in collagen & elastin) therefore an increase of wrinkles. Imagine having permanent ink on your face that no longer enhances your features, but makes you appear older or washed out? 

Your face is a canvas you look at every day. Remember it is a GREAT thing that cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent!

Is an OMBRE POWDER BROW tattoo safe?


Only Cosmetic Tattoo professionals with Infection Control certification should perform Powder Brow as there are many factors to consider before and throughout the application.

Daisy Skin only use the highest quality pigments suitable for cosmetic tattoo that are certified vegan and sterilised by gamma radiation.

Strict hygiene is adhered to for all treatments at Daisy Skin, together with proper use and disposal of single-use EO gas sterilised needle cartridges.

How long does an OMBRE POWDER BROW tattoo last?


Generally a Powder Brow tattoo can stay vibrant for up to 18 months. It is recommended that your Cosmetic Tattoo be 'ColourBoosted' once every 12-18 months to keep it looking fresh.

It is always great to remember that as everyone’s skin is unique therefore the longevity of any tattoo is dependent on your lifestyle, medications and how closely the Pre-Care and Post-Care guidelines are followed.

What is the POWDER BROW process?


All Cosmetic Tattoo's are a 2-step process: 

  • The first appointment is about design & colour. Your input is critical to the outcome as you will approve the shape and colour prior to the treatment starting.

  • The second appointment builds on the colour saturation and is an opportunity to make any small adjustments

Once you have booked in with Daisy Skin you will be required to do two things:

  1. Complete a Client Form (in person, via email or over the phone)

  2. Erin will discuss your eligibility for the treatment and help you order the numbing creams

Your comfort is a high priority throughout the appointment, therefore the use of two different numbing creams will assist. Some clients are super comfortable that they fall asleep!  

A complimentary After-Care pack will be supplied so that you can take care of your new Lip Blush tattoo. 

My brows are uneven. Can POWDER BROW correct my brow asymmetry?


With our faces anatomically not symmetrical, brows can sometimes be uneven at birth or have been changed from an accident or surgery.

Generally, Powder Brow tattoo will not go outside the natural brow hairs, however if you have tried other corrective measures (Botulinum Toxin injections for example) and you are certain about correcting the symmetry with a Brow Cosmetic Tattoo then this can be requested and achieved.

Is there any downtime after getting a POWDER BROW tattoo?

Immediately following the POWDER BROW procedure you may typically continue light duties for the remainder of the day.


Please ensure you familiarise yourself with Your Care Guide to optimise results.

How does a POWDER BROW tattoo heal?


The typical healing process for POWDER BROW is:


Day 0-1        Colour is vibrant (keep in mind this can heal 60-80% of it's original intensity)  

Day 2-3        Brows darken, may change shape slightly as the skin is healing. 

Day 3-7        Brows may itch or flake. Do not scratch, pick or pull - allow it to heal in its own time.

Day 8-30      Brows healed, some areas may have healed lighter than others.

Week 6         Return for your Top-up visit to build on the colour density and make any small adjustments.

If it is your first time getting your Brows tattooed, it is common to experience "brow shock". The healing process is just that.. a process. Your patience is required during this time and trust they will heal lighter than they appear during the first few days :)