Look, feel and speak confidently with luscious lips!

Enjoy food proof, drink proof, time proof lips!

Lip Blush tattoo by Daisy Skin in Perth

What is Lip Blush?

What is Lip Blush? Daisy Skin answers your questions.

Full Lip Blush is a semi-permanent makeup application to the upper & lower lips adding long-term definition and colour.

Lip Blush saves time getting ready, saves money on cosmetics and boosts confidence.

The result is beautiful fuller lips that appear more youthful without the need for lip filler/injections. 

Lip Blush is also commonly referred to as a Lip Cosmetic Tattoo. Whilst they are largely popular with busy and active women for its many benefits, Daisy Skin will always welcome and support all ages, skin tones and genders. 

Lip Blush can ENHANCE the lips by making them appear fuller and more youthful. The application is ideal for these reasons: 

  • Lips are naturally light in colour or have faded over time

  • Lips contain uneven skin tones 

  • Lip border has blurred over time and blended into the skin tone of your face 


Lip Blush can also RESTORE the definition and colour of lips that have scarring on the border or throughout. Daisy Skin welcome those who have lips affected from:

  • Acne scarring

  • Accidental scarring (dog bite, car accident for example) 

  • Surgical scarring (cleft palate, skin cancer removal, other reconstructive surgeries)

Why get Lip Blush?

Why get Lip Blush? Daisy Skin answers your questions.

The Benefits of Lip Blush


Save Time

Save time and energy:

  • Getting ready in the mornings

  • Reapplying makeup throughout
    the day

  • Getting ready for an event


*Did you know?

If you spend just 10 minutes a day on applying makeup (lipliner, lipstick, eyeliner, brow pencil) that equates to 60 hours (or 2.5 days) every year!

Save Money

For a lot of busy and active people TIME equates to MONEY.

The time alone spent on applying lipliner & lipstick can save you money (at least 60 hours a year).

Then add on top the money spent on cosmetic products!

Boost Confidence

Enhance your confidence by knowing your lipstick won’t wear off throughout the day or night, whether you’re working, exercising, eating, drinking and kissing.

You can also say goodbye to eating lipstick or worrying if it's stuck on your teeth!

Who can get Lip Blush?

Who can get Lip Blush? Daisy Skin answers your questions.

Lip Blush is suitable for all ages, skin types and genders. 

Darker skin tones may need an additional appointment to neautralise the darker tones which tend to appear as blue/purple/brown on the outer edges and throughout the lip. 

Please note that Lip Blush tattoo can reactivate the Herpes Simplex Virus, so if you’ve ever had cold sores, you must be prepared to boost your natural immune system, see your GP for a prescription antiviral and have a topical antiviral on hand. All the details pertaining to this will be discussed at your 30min complimentary consultation.

For further information, please read the Am I Good Candidate page and reach out to us prior to making a booking. 

Lip Blush Pricing

Initial Full Lip Blush / New client
3 hours   
---   $470 

6 week Top-up

2 hours   ---   $150


ColourBoost  up to 12 months

2 hours   ---   $190

ColourBoost  up to 18 months

2.5 hours   ---   $290

A complimentary After-Care package is supplied at every appointment.


Topup & ColourBoost appointments can only be secured by existing Daisy Skin clients

24/7 lip definition saves women time getting ready

Your Comfort

The use of Numbing Creams (Topical Anaesthetics) 

Pain free Lip Blush at Daisy Skin

Two topical numbing creams are used to maximise your comfort throughout your treatment.

The first contains Lidocaine and is applied prior to starting.

The second contains Epinephrine and is applied once the treatment has commenced to keep you free from any discomfort. 

For the numbing creams to be dispensed, it is Australian law that the client complete a pharmacy form.

All clients are given the choice of two compounding pharmacies:

  • $26 interstate with 7 day turnaround -or-

  • $65 local with 2 day turnaround

Numbing creams are not included in the cost of treatment as the client pays the pharmacy direct.

Booking Policy

asymmetrical lips before after lip blush perth daisy skin.jpg

Bookings can be made online via Daisy Skin's online booking system.


A $100 cancellation fee applies (without exception) for the following reasons:

  • The appointment is cancelled/ rescheduled within 48 hours

  • Do not show for the appointment

  • Arrive more than 15 minutes late 

  • Choose not to proceed with the treatment on the day

  • Do not follow Your Care Guide 

Your support of the Booking Policy is most appreciated.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do LIP BLUSH cosmetic tattoos compare to permanent body tattoos?


This is a great question as many people dive into getting a cosmetic tattoo believing it is permanent like their body tattoos! This is not the case at all (unless your Cosmetic Tattooist has incorrectly used body ink). 

Semi-permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural facial features, so the specially formulated cosmetic pigments are designed to fade as you age.

Allow us to explain further. With aging comes skin laxity (reduction in collagen & elastin) and an increase of wrinkles. Imagine having permanent ink on your face that no longer enhances your features, but makes you appear older or washed out? 

Your face is a canvas you look at every day. Remember it is a GREAT thing that cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent!

Is LIP BLUSH tattoo safe?


Only Cosmetic Tattoo professionals with Infection Control certification should perform Lip Blush as there are many factors to consider before and throughout the application.

Daisy Skin only use the highest quality pigments suitable for cosmetic tattoo that are certified vegan and sterilised by gamma radiation.

Strict hygiene is adhered to for all treatments at Daisy Skin, together with proper use and disposal of single-use EO gas sterilised needle cartridges.

How long does a LIP BLUSH tattoo last?


Generally a Lip Blush tattoo can stay vibrant for up to 18 months. It is recommended that your Cosmetic Tattoo be 'ColourBoosted' once every 12-18 months to keep it looking fresh.

It is always great to remember that as everyone’s skin is unique therefore the longevity of any tattoo is dependent on your lifestyle, medications and how closely the Pre-Care and Post-Care guidelines are followed.

What is the LIP BLUSH process?


All Cosmetic Tattoo's are a 2-step process: 

  • The first appointment is about design & colour. Your input is critical to the outcome as you will approve the shape and colour prior to the treatment starting.

  • The second appointment builds on the colour saturation and is an opportunity to make any small adjustments

A 30 minute complimentary consultation is required for all new Lip Tattoo clients. Book your free consult here.

During this consult a series of questions will be asked to help determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment, and to also brief you on the PreCare and PostCare instructions.

Once your Lip Tattoo appointment has been secured we order your numbing creams. 


Your comfort is a high priority throughout the treatment, therefore the use of two different numbing creams will assist. Some clients are super comfortable that they fall asleep!  

A complimentary After-Care pack will be supplied so that you can take care of your new Lip Blush tattoo. 

My lips are uneven. Can LIP BLUSH correct my lip asymmetry?


With our faces anatomically not symmetrical, lips can sometimes be uneven at birth or have been changed from an accident, surgery or viral infection.

Generally, Lip Blush tattoo will not go outside the natural lip border because the lip and skin tissue will metabolise the pigment at different rates. It is only by request that the tattoo go outside the natural lip border to correct asymmetry.

Is there any downtime after getting LIP BLUSH?

Immediately following the LIP BLUSH procedure, you will be encouraged to do an ice-compress to reduce swelling. You can continue light duties for the remainder of the day, however make sure you familiarise yourself with Your Care Guide to optimise results.

How does LIP BLUSH heal?


The typical healing process for LIP BLUSH is:


Day 0-1        Vibrant colour, more plump than usual. Keep hydrated and use After-Care balm.

Day 2-4        Lips start to feel dry, may flake/peel and look patchy. Keep hydrated and use After-Care balm.

Day 5-7        Lips completely healed; colour will be 50-60% of original intensity.

Week 6         Return for your Top-up visit to build on the colour density and make any small adjustments.