Am I A Good Candidate for Cosmetic Tattoo?

It is important that you read this page carefully prior to booking in for a Cosmetic Tattoo at Daisy Skin.

It is lengthy because we care.

We want the best outcome for you.

Please reach out if we can help with any
questions you may have.


You are NOT suitable if you are:

  • Under 18

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

You are NOT suitable if you had/have (or planning to have):

  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring

  • Seizures / blackouts 

  • Thinned blood or history of heavy bleeding 

  • Fresh tan or sunburn on the treated area

  • High blood pressure   ---   not under control

  • Diabetes   ---   not under control 

  • High anxiety   ---   not under control 

  • Heart condition   ---   not under control

  • Major dental work   ---   2 weeks before/after 

  • Botox or Filler   ---   2 weeks before/after 

  • Vaccinations   ---   2 weeks before/after 

  • Vitamin A in your skincare routine   ---   Stop using 2 weeks before/after

  • Chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, needling --- 4 weeks before/after

  • Use Hair Growth Serums (eyebrows / eyelashes) --- 4 weeks before/after

  • Facial surgery   ---   3 months before

  • Accutane / Isotretinoin / Prescribed acne medication   ---   12 months before 

You are NOT suitable if you had/have (or planning to have) the following, however you may proceed at your own risk with Doctors written permission:

  • An auto-immune disease 

  • Moles / scars / lumps in the area being treated 

  • Antibiotics   ---  1 month before/after 

  • Steroid injection   ---  1 month before/after 

  • Oral steroid medication   ---   6 weeks before 

  • Chemo/radiation   ---  12 months before



Specific to EYELINER tattoo, you are NOT suitable if you have:

  • Eyelashes Tinted   ---   Tint them 2 weeks prior OR 2 weeks after 

  • False Eyelashes   ---   Must be removed 2 days prior, and not reapplied for 7 days after

  • Contact Lenses   ---   Just remove prior to appointment, don’t wear for 3 days after

  • Dry eyes   ---   Consider bringing your eye drops to the appointment

  • Eye disorder   ---   Contact us to see if there is something we can do to help you


Patch Test

Patch test for sensitive skin and allergies prior to Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

Patch Tests are recommended for clients who have a history of skin inflammation or concerned about a possible inflammatory reaction to the permanent makeup procedure.

The Patch Test is a comprehensive test using ALL instruments and agents used throughout the Permanent Makeup application (including but not limited to: nitrile gloves, drafting pencils, alcohol wipe, medical marker, topical numbing creams, sterile needle cartridge, pigment, wipes, aftercare etc).

The test itself is performed in a discrete area behind the ear. This location is sensitive and most similar to the skin on your face. 

If no allergic reaction is present after 7 days of the Patch Test an Initial Tattoo booking can be made.